Sunday, June 22, 2008

Living Room

So when I bought my house it was a completely blank slate. The last owners kinda didn't do anything. Well, I take that back, they STARTED several projects but didn't actually FINISH any of them. I think they bought the cheapest, chalkiest white paint they could find and painted nearly every room (and in some instances, parts of the ceiling fans) with it. Here are a couple of before shots:

My living room and dining room are combined. The room with the chandelier is the dining area. You can see the hardwood floors that had been hidden under carpet for years. I'm still not sure why anyone would carpet over hardwood.....
Anyway, we got some lovely paint and went to work!

I sometimes can't believe what a difference paint makes! Probably one of the cheapest and most dramatic changes you can make to your house is a new paint color. Even the chandelier looks better with the new color! I decided to keep it after we painted. That saved me some $$ since I didn't have to buy a new light fixture!

And here is another shot of the freshly painted living room with one of my nephews running through it! LOL!

The next few shots below are what my living room looks like now. In this room are hand me down couch and loveseat, a Walmart bookcase, my angel collection from friends, a rug from Old Tyme Pottery ($30!!!), and my table is made from the front of an old upright piano the last owners left in the den and two leather footstools I got on the cheap from The knickknacks on the table are from Big Lots and Christmas gifts. This room probably cost me around $200 to finish. Truthfully, I'm never finished though. I am always adding to and taking away......

This is my dining room. I would LOVE a new dining room table, because this one is glass. It looked too "airy" in the room with all the bold covers. I scored this tablecloth on clearance for $4 at Beall's. I freakin' love clearance sections!!!

Anyway, I'm gonna recover the chairs too. They are pastel colors now (ugh).

This is my wall o' mirrors. I got them for $2 each at Old Tyme Pottery. I think they look pretty elegant don't you?
My kitchen is behind the rust can see my thrift store copper collection hanging there.